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NOTE: Expected delivery time is approximately 12 weeks from artists' receipt of payment; this is an estimate only.  Please be aware that, due to numerous variables beyond our control, including the artist's schedule, it is impossible to accurately determine when a commission will actually be completed and delivered; delays may occur.
Purchasers of commissions receive only the physical copy of the artwork; no other rights are conveyed by this transaction, including rights of reproduction.  Artist retains all rights in the artwork, including all copyright rights, and reserves the right to license or otherwise authorize the publication of the artwork by any other party for any reason, with no duty of accounting or any other further obligation to you.
June Brigman   Tan Eng Huat  
Bob Layton   Al Milgrom
Roy Richardson    Josef Rubinstein  
Tom Smith   John Stanisci  
Joe Staton   Bob Wiacek  


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